We just love ice cream and chocolate!

The owners of Veritas Artizen Chocolate purchased JR's Soft Serve & Italian Ice in September, 2019. The thought was to combine their chocolate and treat production with a creamery to offer the best and purest gourmet ice cream and chocolate in the land. 

All of the frozen treats that loyal customers have come to love will remain, hard scoop, Italian ice, and soft serve, with flavor changes to keep things interesting. Chocolate will be added to the product offering, in both pre-packaged and hand-served options. 

Also produced in the shop - fruit bouquets through 1800Flowers and chocolate covered strawberries through Sherries Berries. These delectable gifts can be ordered directly through this website or through 1800flowers. The gifts are hand-delivered locally.

In addition to the products offered and sweet production at the shop, the space is nicely designed for comfortable enjoyment of yummy treats. Children's toys enhance the fun of going out for ice cream. On pleasant weather days, enjoy the outdoor seating on the adjacent patio.

The shop is now open year-round, so come in for frozen and chocolate treats anytime. 

Every Day is a Good Day for Ice Cream!  



20693 Ashburn Rd. #125

Ashburn, VA 20147


Monday - Thursday 2p - 8:00p

Friday - Saturday - 12p - 8:30p

Sunday - 12p - 8:00p




Tel: 703-944-6021


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